When To Send Flowers To Your SO

Assuming you send flowers at all, of course.

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The flowers I just sent my teacher wife to her school…

I know, flowers are wasteful — they wilt, they die … hardly something to profess undying love, right? But my wife loves them and I love my wife — so she gets them.

I’ve been married a long time; 22 years this last October. If there is one thing I know how to do? It is sending flowers.

Unfortunately, sending flowers has a very negative connotation attached to them. They are used for all the wrong reasons; not when YOU should be sending flowers to your SO (significant other).

The secret to successful flower dispatch isn’t about “when” to send them … it is about “when not” to send them.

There are several factors to consider, but let’s start with the occasions on which not to send flowers.


Nothing says “I’m sorry” than a bushel of flowers, right?

“Hey babe, please accept this bouquet of once-living-but-soon-dead assortment of baby’s breath and roses as my way of expressing my regrets for <insert the dumbass thing you probably did without thinking it through>

Apologies delivered as flowers are deemed artificial and could come off as a non-admittance of guilt in a manner that should be handled with face to face communications.


Nothing says “I forgot” or “I don’t have an original thought in my brain” as sending flowers on an anniversary. The low barrier to entry of sending flowers on an anniversary may also be interpreted as reducing the day to something cliché and trivial; which may reflect a lack of effort on your part.


Yes, it is tradition to bring flowers to a sympathetic scenario. But something that withers away and dies in front of you probably isn’t the best accent for whatever happened — and your good-intentioned bouquet isn’t really helping.

So … WHEN Already??

Want to know the secret?

The best time to send flowers is for absolutely no reason at all.

No event. No apology. No sympathy. No reason is the BEST reason.

You know why, right? Because it is genuine. You’re doing something that shows you care without any trigger or obligation.

“Just because” is the most amazing reason EVER.

Bonus Advice

I have a couple of other things for you to consider. You can take them or leave them — and your mileage may vary.

Avoid Roses

Wait, what? The very definitive symbol of flowers — avoid them? That’s right. Cliché. Passé. All the guys are sending them. If you just have to send roses, avoid them during generic holiday periods like Valentine’s Day. Try and be original — send odd colors that don’t casually line up with decorum. Trust me, your originality will be rewarded.

There are amazing arrangements of flowers that contain no roses. Seek them out. Try something outside the box — and when your SO comments on the ones they like, make notes.

It’s All About Timing and Location

Don’t bring them home from work along with bread, milk and cheese you picked up at the store on the way home. Have them delivered at work. Sneak the flowers into their car in the middle of the night. Spontaneity has an exponential effect on flower giving.

If you can have them seen by your SO’s coworkers/students/general public — they will love the attention that they bring. Getting flowers “just because” in public is a big win, folks. I assure you.

Use Local Florists

Sounds silly, but find someone local to arrange and deliver; avoid big online places that contract out. You’ll typically get better, fresher arrangements and they are really glad to have your business.

One last thing; many florist websites have an “occasion” drop down to pick from — find the “Just Because” category for some cool ideas.

That wraps up my advice on giving flowers. Do you have tricks and tips to share in the comments below?

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