What’s really sad is that in our youth, it was simply assumed these things would be kicking around for years, decades to come. Hell, I have a fully working Commodore SX-64 and boxes of floppies that still work (and believe it or not, I still use it).

Did I know in 1985 that in 30+ years I was going to be jonsing to play Skate or Die! again? No. We simply assumed.

Things that come out today — digital only, multiplayer only, server side dependencies …. all have a fixed shelf life and are completely outside our ability to preserve and play again later. Or just historically document. Oh sure, maybe there will be a youTube video to reference (then again, maybe not) — but you won’t be able to fire up COD Black Ops 4 and play Blackout in 2049. I personally guarantee it.

Then again … maybe what’s out now isn’t worth preserving? Dunno.

I’ll enjoy playing Robotron again later tonight.

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