VR on the Cheap: Six Free Things You Can Do With The Oculus Quest

Shane R. Monroe
8 min readDec 13, 2019

You just blew your wad of cash buying the hottest tech toy of 2019 — and the empty wallet isn’t helping fund your new found virtual reality addiction. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can experience on your new headset without dropping a dime. Updated 2020–10–16. Note: Some of these only apply to the original Quest or “Quest 1” — and not the Quest 2.

Empty wallet? Never fear!

As a middle-aged, middle-class Quest owner, I have the luxury (and good fortune) of being able to allocate some disposable income to my VR addiction on a regular basis. This isn’t the case for everyone and especially with the high price tag of the Quest (starting at $400) and all the accessories and fun you wanted to buy (check out my Day One guide) — possibly riding the rails of the holiday shopping season — everyone is looking to get some budget entertainment.

I present you six free things you can do with your Quest. The skills necessary to engage in these varies — but there is something for everyone here.

One: Free Quest Games

We’ll start off with the obvious — free games available on the Oculus Store.

These may not be totally obvious because for some reason when you sort the store listings by PRICE: LOW TO HIGH no free experiences show up at the top (I’m going to resist evoking a conspiracy theory here). They are all at the bottom. Even if you sort PRICE: HIGH TO LOW — they all still appear on the bottom (maybe there is something to that conspiracy theory after all).

Regardless, at the time of writing there nearly 60 (!) free things for you to download. Now, some of those were pre-loaded already on your Quest and many are just demos — but as they say #freeisfree.

Here are just some of my selections I feel worthy of your precious time and Quest storage space (no particular order).

You have to scroll to the bottom to find the free stuff …



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