This isn’t going to change anytime soon, I’m afraid.

Much like all other forms of ‘isms (racism, sexism) it takes a generation or more to truly reduce the social implications surrounding the issue.

At this point, the body positive image is largely seen as a “political correctness stunt” — and it is being resisted by and large by those trained from birth to be concerned with appearance.

This behavior has to be “baked out” of the social order — and that takes a familial change and inheritance into children.

I’m personally on the fence; I feel the “accept me for who I am” movement can go too far. It isn’t in anyone’s best interest to be told it is okay to be unhealthy because “it is your right to be who you are”.

That isn’t the solution either.

I had a difficult time growing up … for being “different”. It wasn’t always cool to be nerdy and smart :)

I grew into a rather large guy (breaking 300 pounds). My health was at stake. I made the change and dropped to 225 (6'1") and I’m still unhappy with myself.

That is ME wanting more from MYSELF — and if everyone says, ‘It is okay to be fat and run around with a shirt off’, that is a false flag for me and it doesn’t help me continue to achieve what I want (with apologies to Kevin Spacey; ‘to look good naked’).

On the other hand, it breaks my heart to have my overweight son teased at school.

But I have hope. While racism is far from gone — I grew up in an era where ethnic jokes and racial slurs were “funny” and “the norm”. I see my 11 year old son being “color blind” in a world that I can never be.

That is progress.

I think we’ll get there eventually — but neither of us will likely be around to see it.

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