There was an episode of Six Feet Under that really hit home about this. Episode 6 of Season 1 titled “The Room”. It obviously stuck with me. This guy lost his wife of 56 years and the funeral director is trying to make him feel better. Here is the exchange. Worth a read. Great series if you haven’t watched it.

Who the hell are you? I'm Nate.
I work here.
- That's my wife in that box.
- I know.
- I'm very sorry.
- Fifty-six years I spent sleeping in the same bed with that woman.
Fifty-six years of listening to her talk about the same shit.
Day in, day out.
- It's late.
Maybe I should drive you home.
- Shut the fuck up, boy.
- Let an old man speak.
- Okay.
She chased me across the front yard with a steak knife once.
Tried to cut my ass.
We spent close to a year apart.
That time like a hole in me now.
She the only one who really knew me.
Your wife will always be with you in your memories.
You love someone that much, they never You sell that shit to somebody who buying it, because I ain't.
You don't know nothing about love.
Some pretty little thing catches your eye, next thing you know, it's been 56 years.
And you done shit all over yourself in a movie theater and she the only one to help you clean it up.
That's love.
You don't know nothing.
I won't argue that.

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