The Bitter Truths About Being A Teen

I’ve raised two daughters and have a son in the teen-pipeline. I also spent ten years training teens in martial arts.

One of them asked me about the “bitter truths” about their age group. This is what I came up with.

There are many. Unfortunately, as a teen you don’t believe them — but you discover them.

  1. High school really means nothing in the grand scheme of life. No matter how miserable you are (or how blissful you are) high school has little-to -nothing to do with the rest of your life. They are your “defining” years, but become exponentially insignificant as you age.

Of course I told many of these to my daughters as they grew up. Problem is — there is #3 above; as with most teens, my daughters didn’t believe me.

If only I had believed my parents growing up — my teen years would have been a lot better. :)

I write, blog, record and review anything that interests me — including humanity, parenting, gizmos & gadgets, video games and media.

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