Quest: The Best Ways To Spend $50 On Games

So you’ve got fifty bucks to spend and are looking for the best bang of your Quest dollar? Let’s see if we can get you a couple of combos to choose from! Updated 2020–05–10

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Let’s start this article off by assuming you’ve already exhausted all the official and unofficial freebies you can get.

You’re looking to spend some cash — so let’s do it.

How We Chose The Games

Gaming is subjective. What I love and cherish on the Quest may be of no interest to you. Likewise, you may ONLY be interested in gaming genres of specific types.

We’re going to look for overall value. This is product quality, fun factor, repeat play and also give some points for games that offer that “share with friends” quality that can extend the value of titles. Not every game is going to excel in every department — so we’re going to offer you five different packs that clock in under a pineapple.


  • We aren’t accounting for Sales Tax you may have to pay.
  • Focus is more on single player so you don’t have to rely on others playing to get a good experience.
  • Two or more games are in each pack.

Arcade Action Pack

  • Space Pirate Trainer: $15
    Easily one of the best arcade style shooting experiences on Quest.
  • Vader Immortal III: $10
    We chose #3 because of the excellent value that the Dojo represents.
  • Fruit Ninja: $10
    Frantic fruit slashing action; everyone knows how to play this gem!
  • 2MD: VR Football Unleased: $15
    Motion controlled pigskin action — arcade style sports are all about action.

Ultimate Puzzler Pack

If action and shooting aren’t for you? What you need is our Ultimate Puzzler Pack. Top notch puzzles and mysteries with amazing games.

  • Time Stall: $15
    Amazing writing, great physics and fun, interesting puzzles using time as an element.
  • Please Don’t Touch Anything: $10
    Escape room meets puzzler in a really nice little package
  • Red Matter: $25
    Often called the best looking game on Quest — and a great puzzle story game.

Under $10 Five Pack

WHAT? FIVE games for $50? You bet — a collection of great titles each under $10 will make sure you have plenty to play in the foreseeable future. There is something for everyone in the house here.

Rhythm and Bullets Pack

There are only two games in this pack, but damn — these are two great games and it is hard to imagine a better pair to spend your cash on.

  • Pistol Whip: $25
    John Wick meets rhythm shooting means big fun.
  • Super Hot: $25
    Guns, knives, throwing stars, bottles or your bare fists.

Dead ‘n Defense Pack

Love killing zombies? So do we. If you’re looking for some infected infiltration loaded with action — this is your pack. When you’re done keeping the undead at bay, turn your projectiles to ogres and giants to protect your town.

  • Drop Dead: $15
    Great zombie action; comes with both story and an amazing score-chasing horde mode.
  • Death Horizon: Reloaded: $20
    Story-based zombie shooter — new and improved on Quest.
  • Elven Assassin: $15
    Tower defense style solo/multiplayer shooter.

Action Sports Pack

You can get a great athletic experience with your Quest! Here is a great pack of games to scratch your living room quarterback itch.

Flights of Fancy Pack

Take flight with your Quest with our picks on some great flight and flying experiences .. and you still have $5 left over!

  • Ultrawings: $15
    Flying an ultralight is a remarkably fun and relaxing experience.
  • Richie’s Plank Experience: $15
    Wait? Flight? Yep! Some serious “superman” feeling flight going on with the bonus modes.
  • End Space: $15
    Take your flight into space with this highly rated space sim.

Ammo and Anarchy Pack

Quest players just seem to LOVE PvP experiences — mostly with guns. If so, this pack is for you!

Adventure Pack

Ready to explore the great outdoors? This pack gives you some of the best experiences on the Quest and around the world.

In Death and Dying Pack

So much death and dying to be done — it needed another special category.

  • I Expect You To Die: $25
    Quick puzzles wrapped in a kickass secret agent motif — you’ll die over and over before you solve them all.
  • Dead and Buried II: $20
    Now that they have dumped a huge update filled with horde and survival modes for single players? It is a no brainer to recommend this title in a bundle.

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