Quest Techie: Installing (or Repairing) BMBF for Custom Song Support in Beat Saber

Shane R. Monroe
8 min readDec 16, 2019

You’re here because either you have a botched BMBF install and you’re looking for a fix — or you’re brand new to the process and just want some custom song support in your Quest version of Beat Saber. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. This article was last updated on 2020–03–27 and covers Beat Saber 1.8.0 (aka Timbaland Edition) and BMBF 1.8.0.

Note: This article has been depreciated and will no longer be updated. is a poor format for multi-part tutorials like this. All this content and much more has been consolidated at a dedicated website. Please go there.

The remainder of this article is here for historic reference.


  • You MUST manually uninstall both BMBF and Beat Saber via SideQuest
Beat Saber 1.8

Before we get started, this article assumes a fully working SideQuest installation and configuration. This is all extremely well documented at the official SideQuest site. If you do not have SideQuest set up, this article will not help you. Go take care of that first, then return here for your BMBF needs.

If you’re here because your BMBF is screwed up, partially installed, not working right — whatever — then you’ll want to jump to the end of this article first (search for “Cleaning a Botched BMBF”) and perform those steps. Once clean, return here for the complete setup and configuration.

Note: There are probably a dozen different ways to go about this task. I’m offering you the way that works for me and I’ll keep this article up to date with this methodology.

Getting Started

Before we get started, let’s take care of a few requirements.

To make this easy, you should have a computer running on the same network as your Quest. You’ll need a PC for SideQuest anyway; just make sure it is on the same network as the Quest is.

You should already have SideQuest set up and working. We will not be covering any set up or…



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