Quest Quickie: A Simple Guide to Streaming Media

You have a stack of videos sitting on your PC? You want to watch them on Quest with no muss or fuss — without using Virtual Deskop or copying them to your visor? We got you covered! Note: This guide presumes you’re using Windows 10. Updated 2020–10–23.

While some people love to stream YouTube all day, some of us have stacks of video files stored on our PC; movies, TV shows, home videos, music videos — yes even porn. We want to watch these files on our Quest as easy as possible.

Getting Started

There are three steps to making this work.

  • Install Skybox VR ($15) on your Quest (or Pigasus VR — $5)
  • Create a new local user on your Windows machine
  • Share the folder with your porn, I mean, media with that user

Boom — you can now watch your videos (even 3D ones) with Skybox as long as you’re connected to your network.

Install Skybox VR

This is the easy part.

Hop on your Quest, open the store, find and purchase/install Skybox VR.

Create A New Local User in Windows

For those curious why we do this … Windows doesn’t want you using local user accounts anymore. They want you logging into your PC with a Microsoft “cloud” account. That makes it a little harder to set up local file shares for a specific user.

As long as you have Administrator rights on your computer, this will work.

We’re going to make a user called “streamer” and give him a password of “streamer” (terrible security — but it sure is easier to remember).

Network savvy people may say, “But Shane — we don’t need a user; just a share that has a user of “Everyone” having access. True, but then your kid might find your porn .. I mean sweet collection of 80s music videos … accidentally while clicking around their computer or tablet that is connected to the network.

We want something stopping casual access to the folder. A local user will do this just fine.

In Windows, hit the Start button and find Computer Management.

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First steps …

From the Computer Management window, expand Local Users and Groups. Click Users, then right click the area on the right and select New User …

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Making a new user….
  • Fill out User name: as streamer
  • Set Password: as streamer
  • Uncheck User must change password at next logon
  • Check Password never expires
  • Click Create
  • Click Close
  • Verify the new user is there
  • Close Computer Management

Share the Folder on Your Network

Now, using Windows Explorer (or your favorite file manager) and find the folder full of (NOT porn) media.

  • Right click the folder.
  • Select Share with
  • Then choose streamer
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Sharing your folder with a user.
  • Click Yes, share the items.

This might be a good time to make sure you know the name of your PC (especially if you have a lot of computers and devices on the network).

  • Hit Start
  • Find File Explorer and right click it
  • Select Properties
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Couple of ways to do this …
  • Note the computer name similar to this screen:
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Write it down …

Watch Your Media

Put your Quest on and open Skybox VR.

  • Select Network
  • Choose your PC from the list on the right:
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Hope you remember your computer name …
  • When prompted, enter your user name and password as streamer
  • You can opt to Remember your password — but consider who else might find this app and folder when using your Quest. Someone that might find music videos from the 80s offensive.
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Choose wisely about remembering the password…
  • Navigate the folders until you find the folder you shared
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NOT porn …

That’s it! You’re ready to watch. Choose the file you would like to watch.

Image for post
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All media in that share are listed …

.. and enjoy the show.

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“it says .. CRUNCHY …”

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy watching your media, your way!

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