Quest Newbie: Beat Saber — Go Native or PCVR Version?

Shane R. Monroe
10 min readJan 31, 2020

… and if I go with PC, should I go with Steam or Oculus version? All your questions are answered in this new Quest Newbie article. Updated: 2020–12–2

Swipe left or right?

You have a great gaming PC and just put your hands on the hottest virtual reality headset out there; the wireless Oculus Quest. You found the perfect Oculus Link cable (your PC meets the requirements) — so you have your choice of any game; PCVR or Quest.

Of course you’re going to get Beat Saber. It is arguably the killer app for VR.

Since the game is not cross-buy (that is; if you buy it on the Quest, you do not automatically get a copy on the PC via the Oculus Store) — you’re probably torn deciding what version to get … Native on the Quest or perhaps one of the PCVR versions?

PCVR vs Quest: What’s the Difference?

Let’s start off by talking about what the PC version (both Steam and Oculus Store) has to offer — above and beyond the Quest version. There are presented in no particular order.

It looks better.

Since Beat Saber isn’t one of those games you would consider a graphics powerhouse to begin with — you might not even consider this relevant. But, if you’ve only seen the Quest version, you may not realize that the PC…



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