Quest: How Does Facebook Impact Quest Owners?

If you’re not willing to use Facebook, your rights and privileges were altered at the end of December in 2019. What does this mean to you — the Quest owner? What do new or potential Oculus Quest owners need to know about Facebook and Quest? Updated: 2020–10–16: This only applies to Quest 1. Quest 2 owners have no choice but to use Facebook.

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You may have read my article:

If you’re considering an Oculus Quest and/or you have a particular distaste for Facebook, you may be interested in how refusal of Facebook use affects your ability to use the product.

Is Facebook Required To Use Oculus Quest?

No. You never need a Facebook account to set up, purchase apps/games or play your games.

At the time of writing, new Oculus Quest owners are required (and this is on the product box itself) to create an Oculus account. You are given an option to use Facebook as well. If you’ve created an Instagram account after Facebook’s acquisition, you are probably familiar with what that looks like.

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Barebones Oculus Account

If you plan to get any software for your Quest, you will be required to add a billing method; either a credit card or Paypal.

Billing isn’t tied directly through Facebook — but as Oculus is a Facebook product, you need to assume Facebook has your billing data as well.

Can I add other Oculus users as friends without Facebook?

No. As of the end of December 2019, you can no longer add friends to your Oculus account — without signing in with Facebook.

If you have had friends added prior to that date, they continue to show online state in the same manner as they had before.

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No Facebook account — Old Friends; Still Showing up

Can I chat with my previously added friends without Facebook?

No. When you click the CHAT bubble, you will be instructed to log into Facebook.

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Can I see details about my previously added friends without Facebook?

Yes. Oddly enough, you can still see their achievements, their friends and so on — just like before. With this in mind, it makes you wonder why Facebook is being “required”; the data and functionality is still here in Oculus without it.

Can I play Multiplayer Games without Facebook?

Yes. Core functionality of multiplayer gaming does not require Facebook at this time.

You may play with the proverbial “randos” — no multiplayer game has reported a Facebook requirement for play.

Can I play Multiplayer Games with my friends without Facebook?

No. Well, kind of. Only if they happen to be randos you are paired with during play. After all, friends CAN be randos, right?

So no organized multiplayer with friends without Facebook?

Yes. That is correct. No parties. No invites. No means of connecting to and playing with friends.

What else is Facebook required to do on Quest?

Stuff you would expect. Livestreaming to Facebook. Posting media to Facebook. Creating events in Facebook.

What does the future hold?

We don’t really know. Facebook has one goal; always keep you in Facebook and its data collection applications.

Will they completely convert the Oculus account system to Facebook? Could happen; but strategically, they haven’t done this in the past with their acquisitions like Instagram.

As a platform, Oculus holds very little value. As a SOCIAL INTERACTION platform, it does. To remove a group of anti-Facebook players and potential players makes no sense. To force Facebook where person-to-person interaction happens? That does make sense from a Facebook perspective.

As always, time will tell. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that the next Quest iteration will require Facebook completely.

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