Perfect Labs: Returning My Body To Normal Took One Year, Eight Months

In November 2017, a rather honest doctor and a scary visit to Urgent Care made me change my life. After abusing my body for decades — I wanted to reverse the damages.

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Yep, I eat these every, single day …

If you read my article from July 2018 Losing 70 Pounds in 8 Months: Questions Answered, you may be interested in knowing how things are going. Did I stay on it? Did I gain the weight back? How has this impacted my life?

In November 2017, at 6'1" tall, I weighed in at 296 pounds (that wasn’t my heaviest, by the way — I had tipped over 300 several times). My blood work was a mess — high bad cholesterol (127) and triglycerides (280), A1C over the roof (327 glucose), low “good” cholesterol (25) … you name it, I wasn’t in good shape.

By July 2018, I’d dropped to 219 pounds and my blood work slowly improving, but I certainly wasn’t out of the woods yet.

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August of 2018 … complete with my “fat to thin” shirt on .. going to the gym.

During the course of the six months, I got off of every single medication I was on for blood pressure, cholesterol … heart medication. In January 2019, I visited my cardiologist who said I was a text book patient and he wished to God his other patients would learn from me.

I had to up my game to keep losing weight. I moved my calorie count up to about 1400 per day and headed to the gym — upgrading my exercise regiment to morning and night 30 minutes on the elliptical and continuing my lunch time fast walk of 1.8 miles.

Over the course of the last six months, I ratcheted up the elliptical settings for resistance and angle. I’m up to 15 angle and 13 resistance going up about 2 notches on each every 3–4 weeks.

My last weigh in was at 205. At this point, I’m fighting for every pound.

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Late June 2019 … Love me some Vegas

Monday of this week, I went in for my blood work — got the full battery.

After a year and eight months, I have returned all my blood work results to NORMAL (for those wondering, my good cholesterol and triglycerides were the lone two hold outs).

In my last article, I mentioned a few things I could do now that I wasn’t as fat; the clear winner that everyone seemed to appreciate:

I can see my penis in the shower again. Strange, but true how this means something to men.

I will share with you a story that happened Thanksgiving Day 2018 — something that would have gone far differently if I was still in my old body.

We have two little dogs; a morkie and a chorkie. The chorkie is a runner. If he gets out of the fence or gets loose? It can be a real challenge of man vs. beast.

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Looks innocent enough, doesn’t he?

We arrived at my in-law’s house for Thanksgiving and somehow the chorkie gets free and takes off. My wife yells that he’s running and to get the car keys.

For a few seconds, I pondered whether getting the keys and trying to catch him in the car would work (since he had a good head start in a twisting and turning neighborhood) or if I should try to run him down on foot — hopefully being able to see at least his first couple of turns.

I bolted after him while my wife got the car keys to follow up behind.

Long story short, that little dog kept me on the run for well over a mile. I’m not talking about a light jog here, I’m talking about full on, full speed sprinting that distance.

When I finally caught him (and he looked at me like, ‘What? What did I do?’) I was breathing heavy but truth is — I could have gone another mile at full speed, easily. I was barely winded.

Had this been Thanksgiving 2017 I never would have caught him and would probably have had a coronary just for trying.

It was the first time in a LONG time I’ve asked my body to do something unbelievably physical and it hadn’t told me to piss off, actually exceeding my every expectation.

The old adage is true; what goes in is what comes out.

The last thing left with my body to get under control is my testosterone. I’ve been chasing it down since my last article — and I’m still trying to dial it in. Once I have that figured out, I’ll pretty much be in the best condition when I turn 50 than I’ve been in the last three decades.

That’s gotta be worth something, right?

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