Moving to Phoenix? I Have Tips …

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The Old Courthouse Downtown Phoenix
  • There is no such thing as a 3 month air filter for your A/C unit. Plan for every 21–30 days; maybe more frequently during the summer.
  • Get on a plan with your electric company to pay the same amount each month. It can be insane to go from paying $100 a month to $400 a month when the weather changes
  • The town is laid out amazingly … Streets and Avenues run north to south, everything else is pretty much east to west. You can find almost ANYTHING without a map by knowing the closest cross roads (aka 59th Ave and Cactus)
  • The city is always under construction. Somewhere, sometime. I imagine most large cities are the same, but I’ve never lived anywhere quite like this.
  • Never be on a street named after a president after dark. I’d stay away from them during daylight hours too, if you can.
  • We have a lightrail — but it really only services the wealthier areas of town.
  • Public transit is remarkably good otherwise. The bus system is really easy to use and learn.

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