If you could pull the imperfect Luke Skywalker out of what is otherwise a simply atrocious attempt to mask, remove and otherwise white-out the rest of the franchise? I could more buy into your arguments.

However — pretty much the definitive authority on the character himself didn’t care for Luke 2.0 either (until I assume his agent told him he had to stop the bad mouthing).

Both TLJ and TFA aren’t just about handing over the reins — they are about eradication. Complete removal of the Old to usher in the New … and they can’t even get THAT right (float Leia in space — ‘nuff said).

The only “new” movie that has “done it right” so far is Rogue One. Solo may pull it off, but I find myself caring less and less about this “new direction of Star Wars” — to the point where I just want to give up completely on the franchise and play the original trilogy (that had to be remade properly by fans since we can’t seem to get a proper Blu cut of the originals) alone in my living room.

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