I wrote a REALLY LONG reply to this, but lost it in a tragic loss of public wifi. Sigh.

Latency in input and video streaming is crucial to the success of VR. When you start laying too much pipe between the headset and the source?

Even latency of 50ms can cause drastic displeasure in high action shooting and rhythm games.

This requirement can sometimes not even be met in a closed home environment when you’re NOT leaving your LAN.

Beat Saber, for example, is UNPLAYABLE wireless via Virtual Desktop and I actually have a solid, well-maintained network with every possible trick I know to reduce jitter and packet loss; every leg wired that possibly can be.

People are using ShadowPC service to stream VR games to their Quest outside the network — but reports are that lag and latency are almost always there but “they get used to it” or “tolerate it” because they would rather spend $13–35 a month “renting” a PC than to just buy one.

That doesn’t work for me. :)

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