I don’t watch the show — nor do I plan to. My affection for Star Trek is comprised of TOS and Voyager. Oddly, TNG wasn’t that important to me — nor DS9 or Enterprise.

I understand completely why people are uptight. It has to do with the tampering of canon and the need to “reprogram” the series to fit the current generation of viewers.

Those that made Star Trek a beloved property to begin with are the ones that are by and large unhappy.

Star Trek isn’t alone in this. Star Wars has been doing the same thing. Fans are pissed. I believe they have the right to be as well.

Shrug. I’ve simply had to give up on these new series (reimagining, reboot, rehash, regenerations, pass the baton) that take from my childhood and warp them into something the current generation demands to see.

This isn’t “my” Star Trek. That isn’t “my” Star Wars. I’m invested — and these aren’t the returns I want. If given a choice? I’d rather see the franchises dead than to warp them into what today’s social order demands.

I understand the issues.

It is great that some seem to like it — but you can’t bag on those that don’t; this doesn’t belong to them. It is, in many ways, and invalidation of their childhood and nostalgia.

If Star Trek as a whole meant more to me, I’d be up in arms too. Fortunately I have The Orville to scratch that itch right now (and I’m enjoying it despite the bait and switch from Season 1 to Season 2).

The “another streaming service” nonsense is a bunch of crap too. That’s just icing on the cake, honestly. Glad these cordcutters are getting their wish. No more big checks to the cable company every month; yet they will be paying more for internet and 14 pay services sucking them dry monthly.

I’ll sit back here in my “old man” guise .. enjoying my physical media collection and watching the madness unfold.

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