Five (More) Great Oculus Quest Experiences

Not even a year old, the consumer-friendly and totally wireless Oculus Quest stand-alone virtual reality headset is proving a smash hit both newcomers to VR and to those whom have been tethered to the PC for far too long. In my last article, I recommended twelve games and experiences you should look at getting for your Quest on Day One. Now, I’ll tell you about five more that are worth your time (and money).

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If you haven’t already read my Oculus Quest Day One Survival Guide, I’d recommend you take a read — at least look over — those titles first as I may refer to them as well as compare and contrast.

Before we go over the experiences, just a couple more things. First, these are Quest native titles; not streamed via Link, Virtual Desktop or other means. Second, these are chosen based on a variety of criteria — some scientific and some not so much so; and probably completely inconsistently, too.

Note: I only recommend games I have actually played and enjoy. As such, I do not play multiplayer games on Quest because I am not going to use Facebook; therefore I cannot recommend these experiences to you. These games do not require another human online to gain enjoyment or value — so whether or not you like to play with other people or not, you should be able to get value from them.


If you’re like me, you probably dismiss a lot of “Free” experiences on the Oculus store because — well, let’s be honest — most of them are commercial junket type experiences used to promote product or have some pay-later sort of hook.

In this experience you care for, feed and play with a virtual pet named Bogo.

Much like other virtual pet sims, you’ll do things like brush, play fetch, etc. but the experience has a considerable amount of playtime in there if you’re willing to experiment a little.

It is extremely approachable, engaging as is a great “new to VR” type experience. It is also a solid use of roomspace — giving you an extra feeling of freedom and movement. It runs about 15 minutes or so.

Free | Oculus Quest Exclusive

He’s cute … Isn’t he?

Vader Immortal: Episode II

In my original article I recommended Episode I as a great experience for any Star Wars fan. This episode is no different.

The story continues with another roughly 35 minute story (not a ton of replay value here) along with an even better Dojo II — a 50 level, progressively more difficult challenge where you get to put your force powers to the test.

This time around, you get Force Power and a throwable lightsaber which may not seem like much, but it is enough to bring this over and above the value of the first one.

Great experience at a good price.

$10 | Oculus Quest / Rift (Cross-Buy)

First Contact

The Quest ships with a “welcome to VR” tutorial called First Steps. It can help almost anyone get acclimatized and enjoying VR in a hurry.

First Contact is the “welcome to VR” tutorial that shipped with the original Rift — where you interact with a cute little robot using a 3D printer to make you fun gadgets to learn your way around the virtual space.

You can now get this tutorial on Quest and use it as a substitute (or companion) for First Steps. The price is right; Free.

Free | Oculus Quest / Rift (Cross “buy”)

This is running on the Rift … But the overall experience is the same …


Normally I’m against the in-app purchase aspect of “free to play” games, but Bait! has pretty much appeared to do it right (rare).

This is a lightweight fishing simulator that appears to be able to captivate real fishermen and non-fisherman alike.

The mechanics are well done; you feel like your fishing — from casting to reeling and “playing” the fish.

It looks great and is immensely relaxing and engaging, making it a perfect title to introduce a non-techie or non-gamer to. Reviews claim there is a good 3+ hours here too; not bad for free — and the game can be fully completed without a purchase.

Free | Oculus Quest

Job Simulator

There is nothing I personally hate more than “games” that become “work”. You know what I’m talking about — there are stories of people setting up virtual shops in MMORPGS that they come home from the office and go right back to work selling rat bones to newbies.

The very name Job Simulator might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Your duties as a chef, office worker and even a convenience store owner (my favorite) could barely be considered work. The boring monotony of these environments has been removed and the developers from Owlchemy Labs has really made a superb game out of the concept.

Another thing worth pointing out here is that this is a sitting experience (of which there aren’t a great many of in the virtual reality world) that is highly accessible and playable by just about anyone from 8 to 80. If you have tweens or teens, they probably already know about this title and I bet you would make their day if you bought it.

$19.99 | Oculus Quest

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