Five for Quest Volume 5: Great Oculus Quest Experiences

Just over a year old, the consumer-friendly and totally wireless Oculus Quest stand-alone virtual reality headset is proving a smash hit both newcomers to VR and to those whom have been tethered to the PC for far too long. Check the end of this article for other volumes in this collection of mini-reviews.

In Death: Unchained

Easily one of my top experiences on the PC VR platform, In Death: Unchained is everything the original game was and so much more (and no wires). I could tell you all about here again — or you could just read my comprehensive review … or watch my videos … did I mention I love this game?

No Commentary Edition
Commentary version with Play Area
The Official Trailer

Premium Bowling

I’ve been chasing a Wii Bowling experience for the Oculus Quest for a long time. Instead, I had to just learn to love Premium Bowling on PC VR and play it on my Quest with Virtual Desktop.

Pro Putt by Topgolf

Golf games in general are “hit and miss” to me. I love themed golf (like Outlaw Golf) and more arcade-style (such as the old Leaderboard Golf) games. When it gets “too simulation”, that’s where I gotta draw the line.

Official Trailer

Mini Motor Racing X

I’ll let my mini-review on Reddit speak for itself.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

YES! A full Star Trek star ship simulation you can play alone on missions or join up with your friends and make a full crew to take on the galaxy together.

Need more?

You can find over 25 more recommendations in my earlier articles.

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