Five for Quest Volume 4: Great Oculus Quest Experiences

Nearly a year old, the consumer-friendly and totally wireless Oculus Quest stand-alone virtual reality headset is proving a smash hit both newcomers to VR and to those whom have been tethered to the PC for far too long. Check the end of this article for other volumes in this collection of mini-reviews.

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Hopefully you read my other recommendations already. We won’t be covering older ground.

Before we go over the experiences, just a couple more things. First, these are Quest native titles; not streamed via Link, Virtual Desktop or other means. Second, these are chosen based on a variety of criteria — some scientific and some not so much so; and probably completely inconsistently, too.

Note: I only recommend games I have actually played and enjoy. As such, I do not play multiplayer games on Quest because I am not going to use Facebook; therefore I cannot recommend these experiences to you. These games do not require another human online to gain enjoyment or value — so whether or not you like to play with other people or not, you should be able to get value from them.

Dead & Buried II

The original Dead & Buried was some of my first “real” VR experiences. It looked great, was totally polished and had plenty of options for both the solo and multiplayer alike.

When the sequel came out, I was very disappointed that it offered no solo play; only multiplayer. Even those looking for a good MP experience had issues because of the small map selection and lack of players.

Recently, a huge update brought tons more content and the return of solo play — including the venerable horde modes and also single player survival modes (requires locomotion). For those that prefer to avoid that, horde mode allows for a more stationary experience. I can now recommend this title.

$20| Oculus Quest | Rift | Cross Buy Enabled

I Expect You To Die

If you’re ready for bite-sized puzzles in the form of “try-fail-retry” all wrapped up into a neat narrative? Look no further.

This is a highly polished experience where you are a secret agent undertaking various missions where you are put into seemingly-untenable situations where you will surely die several times before figuring it out.

The game oozes style — even the opening credits are amazing to sit through (don’t skip’em).

This type of game doesn’t work for everyone; as massive numbers of failures in each scene is required to get to the solution.

There is only one “save slot”, but each mission can be replayed independently again after you’ve finished them.

$25| Oculus Quest | Rift | Cross Buy Enabled

Red Matter

Not sure what took me so long to try this out — but now I’m here help you avoid that mistake.

This game features gorgeous graphics (even on Quest), an intriguing story that unfolds as you play, an interesting backdrop, challenging-but-not-impossible puzzles and some very creepy moments (no jump scares, nothing too scary).

The game runs about 5 hours total, and replay will be scarce; but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like it is one of the best, more solid experiences I’ve had in VR.

$25| Oculus Quest | Rift | No Cross Buy :(

Death Horizon: Reloaded

Before Half-Life: Alyx took all the press, Death Horizon: Reloaded was the more or less definitive “dark zombie adventure game”. The Quest version is a revamped version of the Go edition and recently, they released a new mission along with great improvements to the visuals.

Along with being a great zombie romp with lots of killing and gore, the developers get a huge round of applause for supporting their title with new content, listening to the community and providing great value for the player’s dollar.

$20 | Oculus Quest

Elven Assassin

If you’re looking for tower defense, multiplayer, co-op archery gaming? Well you just hit the jackpot!

While you can play with others, this game is fun to play alone as well. Endless waves of orcs, giants, dragons and more will try to reach your fortress. Shoot them down, earn gold, buy some upgrades and protect again.

While not crossbuy, this title is a good value for the low price and has nearly endless replay value.

$15 | Oculus Quest | Rift | No Cross Buy :(

That’s it! Another five experiences you shouldn’t miss on Oculus Quest!

Need more?

You can find over 20 more recommendations in my earlier articles.

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