Budget Quest: Great Experiences for Under $10

After dropping $300 or more on a Quest VR headset, your wallet has already taken a pounding. You’ve explored my recommendations for free VR experiences — but you’ve got a little cash left; what is the best bang for the (saw)buck? Updated: 2020–10–25

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Not exactly a sawbuck ($10 bill) but close enough for stock photography. Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Not much else to say — you want great experiences under $10. Here they are, in no particular order.

Shooty Skies Overdrive

It is impossible to believe for one second that this game wasn’t inspired by the crazy antics from the old developer Llamasoft (Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner) as it features crazy colorful enemies, strange bedfellows and wacky, zany sound effects presented in a very “retro game” sort of way.

The game features multiple worlds, with checkpoints along the way. Lots of unlockables (different players have different power up drop rates), power ups — you know, the regular stuff.

For those looking to keep coming back, you’ll find achievements to be had (which you’ll probably need to leverage unlockables to get).

The game has such a great retro vibe without trying to hard to be retro (does that make sense?) — I hate when things are included JUST to be retro and noticed.

This game has some casual options (laser guide, auto fire) turned on by default which is great for the more laid back — but you can turn those off and crank up the difficulty if you want to get truly nuts.

Shooty Skies won’t appeal to EVERYONE, but it scratches a particular itch and even if you just milk a few hours out of it — you can definitely take it to your next party (whenever that might be) and old school gamers are gonna love you for it.

$10 | Quest

Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition

Here is another game you could easily dismiss as some kiddie Harry Potter game and find yourself wondering “what is the point of this?”

Forget about scores … final objectives … traditional gaming stuff.

This is a supernatural romper room. There are nearly endless things to “do” — small, sometimes cryptic “mini-games” that reward you with discovery and participation.

There aren’t really “puzzles” to solve here, per se. You aren’t presented with a challenge you must solve before you move on. This is a giant toy box with so many fun things to do.

It is cheap, easy to engage and is far more fun than you probably think it is.

$10 | Quest

Great fun at a great price.

Vader Immortal: Episode I, II and III

The series is cheap at $10 each, but they are short (and honestly, missing a little replay value). Still, a must purchase for any Star Wars fan and is a great way to introduce people to VR. Until Batman: Arkham Asylum makes it to Quest, this is the go to introduction for curious newbies. After the short story, you have some “arena” challenges you can work through — wielding a light saber against remotes and robots. Note: there are three “episodes” in this series; each is $10 — each with a sharp rise in overall quality. You’ll want to own them all, though for story line continuity.

If all you care about is the Dojo? Episode III is your best buy.

Come for the story, stay for the Dojo.

Each Episode: $10 | Quest

Thrill of the Fight

While Creed gets a lot of press with its popular Rocky Balboa tie in, another contender (ha) has come to the Quest market — a bit more of a boxing simulator than a boxing game this time around.

With true RoomScale play (you’ll actually need a minimum of 6.5' x 6.5' to play Thrill of the Fight — you will need all your skills to dodge, evade, block and punch if you’re going to win.

If you’re looking to sweat playing virtual reality, this is a low cost and exciting title you need to own.

A realistic boxing sim … You have what it takes?

$10 | Quest

Please Don’t Touch Anything

This game won’t be for everyone, but there is a ton of value here.

A kind of high tech, exploratory “escape room” where experimentation and failure are the keys to figuring out the secrets and winning the game.

Clues pepper the room — find these and you’ll fail … LESS. It can be frustrating but incredibly satisfying, too.

There are 30 different endings and for $10, you’ll get a lot of hours out of this.

$10 | Quest

National Geographic Explore VR

People see National Geographic and assume “edutainment” or “documentary”.

In reality, this is a neat little adventure featuring two locations — Antarctica and Machu Picchu.

The game does have an objective — that is taking pictures for the famous magazine and it is a lot more fun that you might think.

Best part of this title is that pretty much anyone can play it — from 8 to 80 (in fact, I’ve had both those ages play this game).

You’ll kayak, climb an ice cliff and see a lot of neat things along the way.

$10 | Quest

Pigasus VR

Not a game but you need a good, solid media player — right? That supports every file type under the sun along with the theater view, lots of options and the ability to access network attached storage devices (be it Samba or DLNA) and you want to do it for the best price possible? Since Skybox is now $15 — this is the cheapest premium entry on the field.

$6| Quest

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